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Schönen Herbstanfang, meine Lieben!

Nelly´s Sterndalschau

Wenn heute Nachmittag die Sonne ins Sternzeichen Waage einzieht, starten wir ganz offiziell in den Herbst! Die Waage-Sonne zählt zu den Schöngeistern im Tierkreis, sie gilt als charmant, bezaubernd, kontaktfreudig, ausgeglichen, friedfertig,und liebt die schönen Dinge des Lebens wie Mode, Kunst & Kultur; zudem ist sie stets um Harmonie bemüht.. sofern sie keinen „Knacks“ hat! 😉 Denn dann kann sich die Waage auch ziemlich entscheidungsunfreudig zeigen, gar nicht diplomatisch, oberflächlich bis abgehoben oder auch konfliktscheu. Von wegen alle Waagen sind ausgeglichen und schweben auf einer Wolke der Harmonie.. !

Auch wenn wir den Strickpulli vorerst noch im Kleiderschrank lassen dürfen, weil der September an einer Identitätskrise leidet und eigentlich lieber ein Sommermonat wär‘.. Kürbisköpfe laufen jedenfalls bereits zur Genüge herum! 😉 Kein Wunder, dass sich manch‘ einer nach einem großen bunten Laubhaufen sehnt, wo er kopfüber einfach untertauchen kann, um nichts mehr von all dem Bla-Bla, den vielen Regeln und…

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“After all what have the Bots or Bernie himself done SINCE the 2016 election to support or try to strengthen the Democratic Party?”

Reasonable unbiased observers would agree the Bernie Bots are lazy and intellectually and emotionally crippled by their sense of entitlement.

In 2016 Bernie Sanders and his Bots walked in at the 11th Hour demanding that the people who have sacrificed their time and money for the Democratic Party for years, that the people who have done all the heavy lifting, just step aside and get the hell out-of-the-way and turn the organization over to Bernie.

Any reasonable observer would agree that was an unrealistic expectation.
Of course people are going to fight tooth and nail for the organization they built when they see people who never lifted a finger on behalf of that organization in the past and clearly have no intention of lifting a finger in the future pushing them aside.

Reasonable people will ask

“After all what have the Bots or Bernie himself done SINCE the 2016 election to support or try to strengthen the Democratic Party?”

And reasonable people will answer “Absolutely nothing.”

As far as Bernie winning the election there’s absolutely no evidence beyond the delusion of his Bots that victory would have been a done deal.

But there is much evidence to the contrary.

We know for certain that Bernie Sanders didn’t win the primaries.

And the Democratic Party cannot win without the Black Vote.

Bernie did not have the black vote and it is questionable if Bernie could have gotten the black vote.

We need to remember that there were strong and reasonable suspicions of a racist element among Bernie’s young white base which would surely have
been exposed had Donald been the nominee.

And reasonable people would also point out that it is the height of arrogance to assume that Hillary Clinton’s base was going to welcome a Bernie Sanders candidacy with open arms.

They may not have gone to the extent that the Bots did and vote for Donald J Trump but they damn sure could have (and many would have) stayed home on Election Day.

Further evidence of Bernie’s vulnerability can be found in the various primaries this year where the candidates Bernie has supported have not been entirely successful.

While his minions have won a couple of high-profile contests, his kind has failed miserably in others which puts the lie to the contention that the Bernie Sanders philosophies are universally popular on the national level.

That is not to say Bernie Sanders “could” not have beaten Donald Trump.

After all Hillary Clinton ran an incredibly incompetent campaign, allowing her arrogance to color her judgment and her friendship with Huma Mahmood Abedin to take precedence over the welfare of the people of the United States of America.

Bernie may well have been able to run a more effective campaign.

Then again he may not have.

After all Bernie is not a man without crippling arrogance himself.
And he is an individual that was never vetted to the extent that Hillary Clinton had been.

We may well have found that Bernie had considerable dirt under his fingernails once the campaign heated up and America took a closer look at the man and his family.

The fact is just as Hillary Clinton was a candidate with considerable baggage Bernie Sanders has baggage of his own.

Regardless of what Bernie’s Bots may wish no reasonable unbiased observer would ever say that a Bernie Sanders victory would have beenin the bagin 2016.

As the old saying goes “If wishes were horses beggars would ride” and we rarely see beggars riding.

A J. Randolph Fuller commentary


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